Tree lopping is colloquial term for tree services including cutting trees, removing trees and pruning trees. Lopping is often used to modify improve the shape of trees or to carry out selective pruning.

Benefits of tree lopping

There are three main types of tree lopping that are typically carried out on trees. These area as follows; The first and most well known form of tree lopping involves the complete removal of the tree. This may be carried out for a variety of reasons including safety, making way for new development or the tree may have died. With this type of lopping a tree lopper as known as arborists climbs the tree with the aid of climbing spurs. Using ropes and pulleys we are able to safely and with accuracy dismantle trees in even some of the most difficult locations. Lopping may be carried out to thin the canopy of a tree for reasons of light or to remove the dead branches within the tree. This type of tree lopping can both improve the safety of the tree and can also be beneficial to the health of the tree. With this type of tree lopping NO SPIKES are used to climb the tree as this would damage the tree. Using only ropes and a specialised harness the tree lopper ascends the various parts of the tree to carry out the necessary work. Tree lopping may also be carried out to remove selective branches on reduce the weight in heavier limbs as well as prune trees and branches back from buildings. With this type of tree lopping again NO SPIKES will be worn to access the tree to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the tree. This type of tree lopping can improve the safety of trees as well as give more space around roofs preventing possible possum access.

You’ll need professional lopping company

Tree Lopping is a hazardous occupation and not very well regulated.  This results in many companies operating to a standard that is potentially unsafe for you and their workers. In many instances they also don’t have they necessary knowledge and skills and this can result in poor pruning which can be detrimental to the tree. All Sydney Councils have TPO (Tree Preservation Order) which clearly outlines what you can and can not do with trees in your council. Breaches to these regulation can involve substantial fines to both the home owner and the contractor. So before you hire a tree lopper be sure they know and are familiar with the various councils. Reputable tree lopping companies will also often be members of industry organisation such as TCAA (Tree Contractors Association of Australia)  and AA (Arboriculture Australia). They will also have all the necessary insurances and will be happy to provide you with a certificate of currency for the insurances they hold.