Does your tree contractor meet the appropriate industry standards?

Before employing the services of a tree contractor to carry out your tree work it is in your best interest to check that they satisfy the following conditions as set out below. This will ensure that the work will be carried out according to appropriate industry standards by qualified personnel who are protected by the relevant insurances for both their workers and your property in any given situation.

Public Liability Insurance

Ask for a copy of the certificate of currency (if they can not produce this document they may not be insured) Ensure that there is minimum $20 million Cover.

Ensure that the certificate states that there is no restriction on working at heights and with machinery to be used.

Call the insurer direct and ask these questions, this may save you a lot of heartache later.

View Certificate of Currency РPublic & Products Liability Insurance 

Workers Compensation Insurance

Ask for a copy of the certificate of currency (if they can not produce this document the workers may not be protected in an event of an injury).Ensure that the industry type reflects the work you are having done (Amenity Tree Services).

Call the insurer to verify the contractor is covered for the work to be carried out.

View Certificate of Currency – Workers Compensation Insurance

Association Membership

Being members of an industry body ensures that the contractor has minimum insurances in place and meets minimum industry standards. You can verify that they are members by getting onto the appropriate website and downloading their members list.

AA (Arboriculture Australia) previously known as NAAA (National Arborist Association of Australia)

TCAA (Tree Contractors Association of Australia)


Ensure that the climber who will be carrying out the work has a minimum qualification of Certificate III in Arboriculture, this ensures that they have undergone training in safe tree removal and pruning.

Good climbing skills are only developed over several years of hands on experience and it is advisable to ask your contractor how many years experience the climber who is going to carry out your tree work has accrued.