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Priority Tree Services provide amongst other tree care services, stump grinding, tree removal and tree pruning (sometimes referred to as tree lopping), as well as consultancy by qualified arborists within the Mosman Council area.

Mosman Council covers the following suburbs:

Beauty Point
Mosman Junction
Clifton Gardens
Spit Junction
Middle Harbour

Mosman Councils Tree Preservation Order allows for the following work to be carried out without consent or permission:

  1. Prune or remove a tree or shrub less than 5 metres in height (or in the case of heritage conservation areas, less than 2 metres in height); or which has a circumference of less than 450 millimetres measured 300 millimetres above ground level.
  2. Remove dead trees or dead wood from trees
  3. Prune or remove a tree that has been declared a noxious plant under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.
  4. Remove a tree that poses an imminent hazard to a person or property and there has been visual and written evidence recorded by a qualified professional arborist which justifies the action taken.
  5. Prune or remove any tree that is harbouring fruit fly as confirmed and recorded in writing by a suitably qualified professional.

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Tree Preservation Order Exempt Species For Mosman

  • Camphor Laurel, Cinnamonum camphora (with height < 10m)
  •  Citrus Trees, Citrus spp.
  •  Cocos Palm, Syagros romanzoffiana
  •  Coral Tree, Erythrina x sykesii
  • Hackberry (height<10m) Celtis australis.
  •  Cotoneaster, Contoneaster spp.
  •  Prunus, Prunus spp.
  •  Umbrella Tree, Schefflera octinophylla
  • Hackberry, Celtis australis
  • Hibiscus, Hibiscus spp.
  • Leyland Cypress (Leighton Green) and its cultivators, xCupressocyparis Leylandii
  • Mulberry, Morus spp.
  • Oleander, Nerium spp. and thevetia spp.
  • Paw Paw, Carica papaya
  • Rubber Tree, Ficus elastica
  • Wild Olive, Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata