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Priority Tree Services have provided a brief overview of Kur-ring-gai Council’s Tree Preservation Order. Please click the link provided below to view the full document.

Ku-ring-gai Council covers the following suburbs:

St Ives

Exceptions do not apply to properties located inside conservation areas, town centres or that form part of a heritage item. Please note this document should be used as a guide only.

Ku-ring-gai Councils Tree Preservation Order allows for the following work to be carried out without consent or permission:

  1. Removal of completely dead trees and dead branches.
  2. Removal of tree branches which directly overhanging roof of a residents or commercial building may be pruned back to nearest branch junction or collar to clear the roofline.
  3. Trees within 3.0 metres of an existing dwelling, measured from centre of trunk at ground level to external walls of building. The trunk of the tree has to be located on same property. (see TPO for conditions)
  4. Branches and trees within 0.5 metres of these lines. (exemption applies to tree branches not trunks).
  5. Tree works undertaken by Council or Council’s authorised agents on Council owned land.
  6. Trees approved for removal under development consents once the Construction Certificate has been released.
  7. Pruning of trees where:
    • Branches pruned are not more than 50mm in diameter
    • Roots pruned are not more than 30mm in diameter
    • Pruning is consistent with the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS 4373-2007)

To view complete Tree Preservation Order for this council please below.
[ Tree Preservation Order ]

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Tree Preservation Order Exempt Species For Ku-ring-gai

  • Acacia saligna, Golden Wreath Wattle
  • Acer negundo, Box Elder
  • Ailanthus altissima, Tree of Heaven
  • Alnus jorullensis, Evergreen Alder
  • Cinnamomum camphora, Camphor Laurel except where 15m in height or greater
  • Celtis sp.Celtis, Nettle tree
  • Aracastrum romanzoffianum, Cocos Palm
  • Eriobotrya japonica, Loquat
  • Erythrina x sykesii, Coral Tree
  • Erythrina crista – galli, Cockscomb Coral Tree
  • Ficus elastica, Rubber Tree
  • Ligustrum species, Small and large Leaved Privet
  • Liquidambar styracifolia, Liquidambar (with a height less than 12m)
  • Olea europaea subsp." Africana", African Olive
  • Populus nigra "italic", Lombardy Poplar
  • Robinia pseudoacacia, Black Locust
  • Salix sp, Willows
  • Schefflera sp, Umbrella Tree
  • Toxiocodendron succedaneum, Rhus
  • Other tree species listed from time to time as noxious for Ku-ring-gai under he Noxious Weeds Act (1993)